Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Call of the Wild

To create is to destroy.
Life is about getting up out of your chair and doing something. It is about doing nothing. Making a mess. Moving your hand and your body, leaving a mark. It is about doing. Action. Finishing. Experimenting. Trying something immersing. It is about absurdity. A creation. Evidence that you exist. Using materials. Destruction. It is about fun. Doing the opposite. Breaking the rules. It is about ideas. Getting dirty. Making mistakes. I’m going to ask you to make a mark and its going to be messy. Don’t worry about that. that’s the point.
[as seen on The Killing Moon]

Alberto Giacometti from here

Head of J. M. II, Frank Auerbach from here

Diego 1953 by Alberto Giacometti from here

Separation by Edvard Munch, 1896 from here

The Parents by Kathe Kollwitz from here

Night came on, and a full moon rose high over the trees lighting the land till it lay bathed in ghostly day.
And the strain of the primitive remained alive and active.
Faithfulness and devotion, things born of fire and roof were his, yet he retained his wildness and wiliness.
And from the depths of the forest, a call still sounded.
[Jack London, "The Call of the Wild"]

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