Thursday, April 15, 2010

the fashion poncho

The fashion poncho is always something that has bothered me. If it's made of silk or cashmere I have a hard time calling anything a "poncho" because the point of a poncho is to either keep you safe from the rain or the cold. The poncho pictured above can do neither. The poncho pictured above serves no purpose other than to restrict your arm movement for unnecessary means by circling your head with an elaborately entangled doily. If you want to hand knit something, I think it would be better to make it into a scarf.
(The poncho above is hand-knitted cashmere and I'm not listing the source for fear of terrible retribution.)

Pictured below is what I call a poncho. This is how ponchos should be worn.

Notice the use of slits so arm movement is not restricted.

This poncho also serves its purpose of protecting the wearer from the cold,

while still being fashionable.

[the last 3 images are from Cuillere a absinthe.]

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