Thursday, April 8, 2010

who knows.


My whole life people have asked me for help with their outfit “choices:” what looks good, what color, blah, blah… and I always just said do whatever, wear whatever the fuck you want. I mean that’s what it should be. People always asked why I wasn’t “in” fashion, I am assuming they meant the fashion industry….and I just never thought of fashion as an industry…I viewed, and still view it as an art, and I was never an artist, I just knew what looked good on me, what I wanted to wear, and that’s that. I hate business, (I might be in a very popular business) but the idea of business is what I hate, money sucks, freedom is what I want. And that’s why I never mixed and will never mix pleasure with business. I look at clothes, I look at design, and now (thanks t-bird) I look at quality, I don’t give a shit who has what, why they have it, and what is trendy.

NOW, what is a BLOG? When did this whole BLOG craze begin and why? Did it start with someone deciding that she had too many good clothes to wear NOT to be showcased? Or a young woman wishing to get into “FASHION”, so she did what she knew how: showcase (network) the shit out of yourself. I don’t know, because of all these “street-style, self diaries, blah blah blah” claim their mission statement is, "I just do whatever I feel like and wear whatever I feel like." But that's not true, not anymore, not when you are complying to the new FCC regulations that require bloggers to acknowledge when they have received something as a gift. Now, if you WERE a self diary, wearing whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted, and if that’s how you believe fashion is or should be then you wouldn’t have accepted these things (or have showcased them on your blog), because it’s not something you would go out and buy (and if it is, fine, stay true to yourself).

“We’ve been going in this direction for so long, that’s what Andy foresaw when he said in the future everybody would be famous for fifteen minutes. The total media takeover of the world. We’ve become a society in which we spend so much time looking at ourselves and entertaining ourselves that we don’t’ really produce that much anymore. After airplanes, our number two American export is entertainment. I don’t know if this is really healthy for a society.” [Bob Calacello, Influence]

Every day I go to my favorites and check out my blogs. And I used to be to be drawn by something, to really get inspired to make a new project, or a new way of dress, or wearing something so normal in such an abnormal way. Now, to be honest, I look at blogs to find something DIFFERENT, a different approach, a different style something... NOT in POPCULTURE…I just want SOMETHING DIFFERENT. And yes there are a few out there who are inspiring, who do get it, who can relate to both high fashion editors and the little pee-wee girls they inspire, but all these half ass cats who saturate the world wide web with such uninspiring, unthoughtful, unmotivating clutter has got to stop!! BUT THEN, the good ones, the ones I mentioned, they blow it, they really do not understand that if you want to change, inspire, do this as an open ended diary, then you have got to know that your REAL readers (you know, not high-paid professionals, looking for the next big thing to make MONEY FOR THEMSELVES) then you should know that I am also really sick of you. You have sold yourself out (wearing PINK when you don’t want but oh yes, now you HAVE to). It is all very unbelievable and quite frankly a HUGE turn off. It’s all become so very popular. But this popularity, it's everywhere. This infusion of the BLOG, and dressing in such a “weird” (popular-weird) way, it is becoming so lame that going onto old favorite sites is like a chore for me (I get it, just DON’T do it, but what about that one out of every 200 outfits that catches your eye). As my fellow blogger would say “it’s better to express yourself, not overexpose yourself.” What I am getting at, is, this over saturation of people blogging, posting picture of themselves, its DESTROYING FASHION (or the idea behind fashion as a deliberate creative process).

After all, the fashion world exists in a capitalist culture, and isn't exclusivity what fashion (and capitalism) are all about? Warhol talked about the death of the image, saw fame as something we could all achieve, and displayed for us the idea of the re-printed every day item as art. Then, what we are currently witnessing is the very death of fashion. Does a particular Chanel jacket have any meaning if it's over replicated, over hyped and attainable by all? The ecstasy of fashion is the moment you witness something truly original, and the ultimate moment of consumer fetishism is obtaining that object that no one else has. As a culture we need something to achieve, something to look up to, something to admire. After the death of fashion, the death of Hollywood, the death of the classic image as a work of art, there is nothing left for us to desire or admire. We have become a society full of quantity desperately searching quality.

“But what struck me was the lack of these wonderful ladies. The couture world used to be very small, and the front row at Saint Laurent or Chanel would be filled with a very particular type of sophisticated woman – Marie-Helene de Rothschild, Sao Schlumberger, and so on. Each one of these women had their own style, and they bought their clothes instead of borrowing them. Now it is like-no-offense-so called-celebrities and tons of press.” Bob Calacello (thanks INFLUENCE).

Now, I have thought about this for a while…THE LACK OF POWER!!!!!!

I get that blogs have now given every-day people the opportunity to get into fashion, but let me tell you, the reason I was drawn to the industry (and I do not even work in the industry) was the lack of people in the industry. It used to be so close knit, where only the thoughtful, inspiring, creative could touch… now, over saturated, and it’s not the industry's fault, it's ours.

Which brings me to think, and you really cannot escape this thought… if magazines thought their work was being downsized, that the future of magazines could really be undermined by this new media wave, wouldn’t you think that those in a place of power would use their position to put a stop to this, and encourage designers to not showcase the bloggers, but to try and diminish their value? Well, in this economy, where nearly everyone is pinching for money, I am beginning to think that the power players are actually using these bloggers, and I mean USING (as in men using girls, you get the idea) taking ADVANTAGE of the situation…blogs to them are now just FREE ADVERTISEMENT. Im going to give these REGULAR girls (and yes it might be a chance of a lifetime), my free shit so they can post it on their blog that gets looked at by hundreds of people a day…BRILLIANT. Most fashion is picked off of young innovators on the streets and sold to big companies. I get why the companies do it, and I get that everybody loves the perks and freebies but please understand that you are making me see you as a fashion insider, and I don’t like insiders. I don’t read celebrity blogs for a reason, I don’t have twitter for a reason, I don’t need any more FAKE shit in my life. Be true. Its why you started the blog.

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