Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a day off and romantics

I was home sick today and, in between naps, I spent most of my day updating the blog and watching The September Issue (and yes, I can't believe I hadn't seen it until now). While watching it, I realized I could distinctly remember purchasing the September issue that was featured in the film with Sienna Miller on the cover. My favorite spread in the magazine was the one that was reminicsent of the 1920s composed by Grace Coddington. Grace, who is the Creative Director of Vouge,  is the surprise less heard of good cop to Anna Wintour's bad cop. She reminds the viewer to always keep looking (or keep your eyes open) because "whatever you see, it can inspire you." In opposition to Anna's stern approach, Grace is the creative romantic. She explains, "I think I got left behind somewhere because I'm still a romantic, you have to go charging ahead, you can't get left behind." There's something incredibly romantic about the past. Which brings me (in sort of a roundabout way) to my obsession with top hats and vinatge inspired menswear. I find something romantic about looking into the past, and one of my favorite references for this is Marlene Dietrich.

Below I've added some contemporary inspiration for meswear dressing today...

both images from stylesightings
and the rest are from style.com

"For my dress has always been...
My strongest suit."

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