Wednesday, March 3, 2010

mini rant for a kinder world

"Paradise is exactly like where you are right now...
only much, much better."
[Laurie Anderson, Language Is A Virus]

I would like to point out that women are often far too hard on themselves (and sometimes each other). Remember when the New York Times referred to the beautiful Christina Hendricks as "big"? Is it too difficult to ask that we just talk about what we like and stop bashing people? I know these are public figures and they leave their lives open to scrutiny but they are real people. When you close the magazine or the computer screen they are out there in the world living their lives. Even claiming that women have "put on a little weight" regardless of the context has the ability to send any person into a tailspin. I recently saw a cover of Star that claimed that Kristen Bell had a "beautiful beach body" but needed to check on her "expanding thighs." Um, what?!
I know we are not celebrites and thus have not left ourselves open to the public but would you really want to be broken apart everytime you stepped outside of your home? I think we should use our power of persuaion to inspire and encourage each other. Is that too much to ask?
On a closing note, I also think that critics should "leave Tavi alone." Why do people find it acceptable to tear down somone who is expressing themselves? Is it because she's young and insightful? Should we hate on our youth for being inciteful? Shouldn't we be praising her for dressing thoughtfully (and promoting a creative way of dressing) rather than dressing, as many young people these days are wont to do, in an overtly sexualized fashion? It seems to me that she is celebrating her youth and creativity in a constructive manner. I feel that it is not often enough that we celebrate creativity because we mask it with a terrible schadenfreude.

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