Friday, March 26, 2010

DIY 16: Resurrection of a Dress


Problem: Dress with a broken zipper, unwearable, like this purse.
The zipper is broken at the waist. Not just ripped away from the fabric, but the zipper itself is ripped so it can't be fixed. The zipper could be replaced professionally by a seamstress but that would cost more than the dress.

In order to save the bottom part of the zipper that still works, take a needle and thread and sew loops around the zipper right before the damaged part. Make sure you sew the thread really thick so when you zip it up, the zipper will stop. Then, cut the rest of the zipper off both sides of the dress.

I was going to lace up the back but then decided to use the ribbon to close the waist and neck and let the center open .

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