Thursday, March 25, 2010


This picture of me with long hair is from 1990. My daughter is brushing it. Back in the late 80's early 90's everyone had long hair. If you were a guy in a band you had to have long hair, and if you were a girl who liked the guys in the band (a groupie) then you had to have long hair too. Back then we used horse shampoo and conditioner to get it to grow. Well they still sell it. Actually, Demi Moore was just quoted as using it and she's a child of the 80's like me. I recently got some at Rite Aid and the bottles are still gigantic and they only cost $7.49!!!!

I have used Pantene and Citre Shine, but my hair was so dry at the ends that it was hard to brush or run my fingers through. After using the horse shampoo it's so soft and is growing. I thought I was going to have to cut it to repair it, but not now. It's funny that I'm letting it grow again. I was convinced that I was too old for long hair but I don't think so anymore. You can always have long hair just like you can always wear white at your wedding!!! My mother used to say "don't cut your hair, it is your crowning glory." Well, me being the little rebel I thought I was, I had decided that my hair isn't what makes me beautiful so I cut it. Actually, one time I shaved the underneath of my head so when I wore it in a pony tail you could see it was shaved (back in the grunge days). Mom saw it and freaked out. I gave her a hard time. Like when she saw my tattoo and when she saw my boob job. God bless her. Now I'm a mom. I hope my kids don't give me as hard a time as I gave her. So, needless to say, she was right. My hair is my crowning glory: it is beautiful and feminine and it's a good part that adds to the total package. She also told me not to dye my hair until I felt I had to. But, of course I've experimented with red and jet black and always regret it after I've done it. Now I have a few grays and instead of dying my whole head I use "Just for Men" mustache and beard dye! You can mix a little at a time and put it on just the gray hairs using an old toothbrush. It works great. Sorry mom that I didn't listen to you, I now know you were right.
Love you,

[ T~Bird and her daughter today...]

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